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Vita Mare Products

Vita Mare came to skincare out of love and with longstanding experience in delivering the impressive healing powers of natural resources from the Dead Sea, and is something truly unique. The Vita Mare team have developed amazing products, which transform skin and give it a radiant tone; each product has its own special key ingredient, whether vitamins, plant extracts, or aromatic oils.


A big collection of lotions for facial and body care, rich in Dead Sea minerals &natural active botanical extract.

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Smooth & supple creams, easily absorbed & non-greasy formulas, dedicated to solving a lot of skin disorders.

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We don’t forget to take care of your hands and feet, so we make a special formula, rich in Dead Sea minerals to give you a full protection.

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One Time Use

A collection of vital botanical extract had been selected very carefully to enhance the effect of natural Dead Sea mud and salts.

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