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Production Standards

We are quality manufacturers. We apply strict quality management system and international specifications to ensure the product quality. All our products are strictly produced under GMP Standards and under JFDA guidelines and MOH of Jordan.

Some of our products are produced in cooperation with very big cosmetics manufacturers such as Provital of Spain, Cork Ireland, French Nexera and Lonza from Switzerland’s.

We pay special attention to all the supply chain process starting from purchase of raw and packaging materials to production and storage. All our ingredients are sourced from approved suppliers who are also quality oriented and certified companies.

Labs & Scientists

R&D & Innovation

Public Responsibility

Efficacy and safety of our products have been proven in trials and tests done by our teams in order to guarantee the wellbeing of our clients and community. we focus on Aesthetics as well as functionality in our product selection and development based upon our social and ethical responsibilities.

Safety Environment

All our production facilities are designed and installed according to international standards, JFDA and MOH, ISO, HACCP etc. we are proud to say that our company and products are nature friendly and that we are operating as per green principles to maintain clean operational activities.

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